Work Process

We use the same approach for each individual project. It starts with understanding our clients’ needs and planning the necessary requirements for the project. Next, we design a set of comps or layouts and let the client pick the one they like best. Then, we develop all the components and assemble the final product. After some rigorous testing and tweaking we deliver the final solution to our client.

We closely supervise every production from start to finish and give you feedback at every stage to ensure your project gets done on time and on budget.


First, we sit down and talk with you about your goals and objectives. This is usually done during our initial consultation, which is free! You can tell us what you want to accomplish and ask us everything you want to know about your project. We try to get to know you a little better and find out what exactly you need. Then we make some recommendations on what solutions might work best for you to give you an idea. After we are done with the initial assessment, it’s on to the next stage.


We plan out your project thoroughly and come up with a detailed proposal to give you an estimate of the time and cost it will take to finish your project. After you sign off on the proposal we set up the contract and start designing.


We design all the graphics and elements needed for your project. That usually includes a mockup for your site, custom web site template, logo, and other graphics that make up the design. We work closely with you and let you sign off on the design before moving to the next stage.


Next, we develop all the required components. For websites, this includes designing templates and programming the necessary code. For graphics and business collateral this means preparation for production. This step is the most labor intensive and time consuming step in the process.


We put together the final product and deliver it to you. This usually means launching your new website or shipping your print graphics out. Before final delivery, every design undergoes a rigorous in-house testing cycle to ensure everthing looks good and functions well. After your new site goes live, we will do the search enigne submission and internet marketing to get your site public.


We evaluate the project and make any changes if necessary.