Creating a Brand Identity

by admin on June 15, 2011

The first step most businesses take to being recognized as a brand is a company logo. Designing a logo that’s visually appealing and memorable takes vision, skill, and creativity. You want your logo to be recognizable and resizable, so that it looks good in all sizes and across different media.

The next step is creating brand awareness, by any (legal) means necessary. This includes designing signs and graphics for the buildings, creating company brochures, and other marketing collateral like letterheads, envelopes, and business cards. The goal is to expose the brand to as many people as possible, generating a buzz.

Distributing free sample products is also a great way to earn consumer trust and increase brand recognition. Sending out periodic emails or postcards to customers who subscribed to your mailing list is great for reminders and sales promotions.

Creating a brand identity for any business takes a lot of time and effort, and everything can be lost in an instant. Consumer trust and brand awareness go hand in hand, and have to be earned over time.

How to establish a brand identity

  • Design a unique and expressive logo
  • Impress your customers with stylish business cards
  • Create a stationary set (Letterhead, Envelope) for correspondence
  • Design a friendly storefront and use effective signs
  • Distribute flyers, postcards, coupons to promote your business
  • Hand out free samples to create a buzz

This list is not complete, but you get the idea. Anything you can put your logo on is a good way to create a brand identity. One thing is certain though, if you don’t follow up on your promise, all efforts will be lost. Creating trust and confidence in your brand is the most important thing, you don’t want your customers to remember you for all the wrong reasons.

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